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Kathmandu– Street Scenes

October 25, 2010

Woke up early again so I’ll try to throw one last post together before heading out for the trek. Just some street scenes of my first few days walking around Kathmandu. Like I’ve said, it’s a crazy city… very crowded at times (though we did come in the middle of one of their most important festivals: Dassain) but just very vibrant and full of life. Definitely worth a visit if you can handle the honking and the dust!

the peak of that elusive mountain peaking through the clouds as my plane came in

and the appropriate beer i had my first night


the river on the way to the monkey temple (entry to come). apparently they do cremations here.

but it’s also the town trash can?

dog on a roof?

for real for real

just in front of someone’s home

Again, obviously started this ages ago. I am back in Kathmandu now, however. Arrived at 12:30 today off an equally crazy flight out of Lukla, and am heading to Kolkata tomorrow with Wayne, to be joined by Laura in a few days. Once again, the Himalayan trek was one I’ll never forget, and I’m excited to get around to loading and posting my pictures. As for now, gotta go enjoy the last night in KTM!


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